Bringing the garden inside

Bringing the garden inside

As the year progresses into the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness, it does seem a shame to have to wave goodbye to those lovely summer days spent outside enjoying the garden. But it isn’t as cut and dried as storing all your patio furniture in the shed and waiting for June - why shouldn’t you bring a bit of the garden inside your home so you can continue to enjoy a little bit of summer even as the temperature drops and the evenings draw in.

Some garden furniture is perfect for the conservatory. If it’s a sunny morning, crank up the heating so you can sip your coffee and have a leisurely breakfast whilst sitting at your Danielle café-style table. In addition to the small pots of plants and flowers which you’ve probably already got in your conservatory, create more of a feeling of a permanent garden with large pots of shrubs or climbers, which will also provide lots of foliage to disguise the falling leaves outside.

You can never have too many friends… or too many chairs!

Having the additional chairs and tables will be very handy when your friends and relatives start popping round at Christmas time - all you’ll need to do is drape colourful rugs or throws over the Orion sofas and chairs to make them feel cosier, and put a cloth over your café table and arrange some freshly cut holly, ivy or pine branches across it to make a naturally green runner. Then your summer outdoor furniture becomes an indoor winter delight.

The tea light holders and lanterns you used in the garden all summer will also come in handy when you want to create the kind of indoor candlelit ambience the Danes call ‘hygge’. Group them together in dark corners or surround them with winter foliage to make things even more cosy.

There’s absolutely no need to wrap up and store all your lovely garden furniture and accessories for the entire winter. By making a few seasonal adaptations, you can enjoy using them all year round.

Check out the items in our autumn sale collection - you don’t have to wait till next summer to start using them!

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